Thursday, July 24, 2014

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He’s a Pirate [ukulele version] | covered by Sungha Jung


[May know how to play this on both the guitar and the ukelele.]


Brooklyn the Gargoyle - by FBsuits and Fuchsia


Brooklyn the Gargoyle - by FBsuits and Fuchsia


Imagine your OTP going to the hospital for some embarrassing sex-related accident, and having to explain what happened.

((Gee, I can’t see this being a thing ever with a super powered lover in the mix.))

Entertaining the Idea


Harrison was practically vibrating with nervous excitement as he got off the elevator.  All afternoon he’d been thinking about his run in with Tancred, the silly meme that had ended with the other man in his lap, and how he’d practically propositioned the attractive man for a threesome right there.  It wasn’t the first time he’d flirted with the magical raven-man, however it was the first time it felt like more than just silly games.  But however attractive the hairy scarred man was, Harrison wasn’t interested in pursing it unless Wayne was with him.   In fact, the idea of showing Wayne off to someone as scruffy and wild as Huginn was pretty much the whole appeal.  

As soon as the blue man opened his front door, he was greeted by the scents of something delicious cooking.  However when he walked into the kitchen, it wasn’t Gary but Wayne over the stove.  

"Hey there good looking," Harrison said with a smile as he set his tablet down on the counter and rounded the island towards his mate.  "This is a surprise."  He reaches up to pull his mate’s cheek down for a brief kiss, not wanting to interrupt.  

Hey, yourself. [Wayne leans away from the seafood stir-fry he’s working on to kiss Harrison back before returning his attention to their food.]

Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve had the time and incentive to cook for you. [When he’d been cursed and hiding out more at his Fortress of Solitude, he’d cooked plenty for himself, mostly because he had to out there. At the apartment, he’d had little incentive while recuperating and had been… busy for a lot of the time afterwards.] Today was a slow day, so I went shopping and figured I’d make something a little complicated. On that note, did you want soy sauce mixed in here?


Regram from #darthcaifan #SDCC #HocusPocus !!


Regram from #darthcaifan #SDCC #HocusPocus !!

SuperMewTwo and the Blue Archer




"Works for me." He smiled, reaching to pat gently his arm. "But really, don’t worry. I’ll be fine. Besides, I’m carrying an expert on ladies with me all the time!"

"Hello!" Minion peeked from Blue’s bag, and waved her robotic arm at the hero in gretting. "Sorry for not greeting you earlier, I was taking a nap! And… wow… This world has done really some odd things to you, Mr Scott! Wish I could see you as always, you had a really great hair!"

"She likes you." Blue explained with a chuckle.

[Wayne lifts a thick brow at the fish inside Blue’s bag. To his knowledge, all of the Minions he’s ever met have been male and this one is rather obviously not. He leans in a little to examine her closer, wishing that he had his normal vision so that he wouldn’t have to invade anyone’s space to satisfy his curiosity.] Hey. I have to agree with you. I’ve been turned into some very strange things since I’ve come to this world. Thank you for the compliment, miss. Is your name Minion as well?

Minion’s eyes sparkled in delight at being addressed by someone that she considered her idol since she had stated to watch the news in this world. Jumping out of the bag to make herself more easily visible, she shook slightly Blue’s shoulder. “Sir, Sir! Have you heard that!? Metro Man! He’s talking to ME! I think I’m gonna swoon~!!”

"He asked you something, Minion, focus." Blue advised her, chuckling at such funny moment. It wasn’t common that Minion had a chance to fangirl in public.

"Oh, yes, YES!" Jumping from Blue’s shoulder to the ground, she made an elegant bow to the hero. "Yes, my name is Minion, but I usually like it with the French pronunciation, Mignon~ It’s a pleasure and an honor to meet our city’s protector!”

[Her reaction comes as something of a surprise to him considering that the original Minion he’d known had viewed him with suspicion and dislike from the first day of school. He’d have figured that same thing would be in her past and that the dislike would carry over onto him, even as an adult. It’s nice to know that this version of the fish at least gets over the grudge quickly.]

[Grinning as brightly as he can in this form, Wayne does nothing to discourage her rather obvious celebrity crush.] It’s nice to meet you, too, Mignon.














It’s july


I’ll be moving just in time to decorate new apartment with cheap Halloween shit FUCK YEAH skull-themed everything.



((The bad thing is, we started setting up the Halloween stuff a couple weeks ago, but we’re setting up our first Christmas display this week. Be afraid, be very afraid.))

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Asexuality Pride by Seraph Limonade
Buy art print here.


Asexuality Pride by Seraph Limonade

Buy art print here.

La Dolce Vita



[His length twitches sharply as Harrison’s sounds amp up. He’s doing that. He’s causing those perfect noises, causing that much pleasure. And it is wonderous.]

[Wayne gladly swallows down every shot of cum, enjoying the taste of a job well done. Continuing to suck more gently, he milks his mate through the orgasm. As Harrison comes down, he draws back a little so that he can lick the other man clean. Oh, yes, better than the first time.]

Harrison lets out a happy sigh and his eyes open just in time to watch Wayne lap him clean.  He reaches out and ruffles Wayne’s hair affectionately.  He’s warm and mellow, and enjoying the hell out of his afterglow.  ”Mmm,” he hums happily.  ”Mine.”  

Once his dick has been thoroughly washed by Wayne’s tongue, ensuring that he stays rock hard for what’s to come, he blue man steps away to flop down on his bed practically boneless.  ”Come here sexy.  I need to kiss my boy’s beautiful cocksucking lips,” he coos, crooking a finger at his mate.  

[Blushing faintly, he straightens up and climbs onto the bed, hands and knees on either side of Harrison’s narrow frame. Even now, after everything they’ve done together, Wayne still blushes so easily with his fiance’s words. Not that that stops him at all from leaning down for a kiss.]