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Hi I want a million of these pillows and I want to send them out to my family.

Megamind Fandom Interior Decorating Guide.

yo bluedicks

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She looked at the cards he laid down and she laid down. Well, who know the hero was a gambling kind of man. She smiled at him. 

"Guess you won."

She stood up and started to unhook her bra. Tossing it behind her into the pile with the rest of her clothes. Next was just slipping out of her panties which also joined the pile. She sat down, trying her best to look lady like as she looked back at him.

"Now what would Harrison think?"

I thought you were trying to lean out of that business?. [He lays out his hand, not concerned at all since they are both fully dressed.]

"I am but the stigma will always be there."

She laid hers down as well.

I suppose. Though, not everyone will know who you are. It’s possible to find someone one, especially in a twisted dimension like this where even people who do watch porn may not have had access to your work. [He smiles slightly at his win.]

"True. Guess I haven’t found that person yet. Though I do think Megamind almost passed out from his blushing."

She giggled at the memory and picked up the cards shuffling.

Megamind? Oh, now that story I want to hear. [He holds out a hand so that he can deal the next round.]

"Not much to tell."

She laughed handing him the cards.

"Ran into him in the street. He asked what I did. I told him and provided him with one of my cards. Such a lovely shade of purple he was. And sputtering."

[Taking the cards, he starts to deal them out. It’s a thought to ask whether she found the purple lovely because it was closer to her skin color or just because Megamind blushing is amusing. In the end, Wayne decides it’s too rude to ask.] I have to agree with you there. He’s adorable when he’s overwhelmed like that. So, what did you think about him?

Flip The Coin



[He tenses for a moment when Harrison moans, concerned for a moment that it was too much. Using their link as reference, he quickly figures out that that wasn’t a pained noise.] I’m not surprised. It’s just soreness, right? Not anything serious?

[Nodding, Wayne blows cold air onto the water then stirs the cooler water down into the rest with his free arm, dropping the tub’s temperature a few degrees. He also adjusts the tub’s setting so that it doesn’t just heat right back up to that temperature yet.] Better?

Harrison lets himself go, completely relaxing into the water and bobbing up as he floats on his back.  ”Perfect,” he sighs.  ”You’re perfect.”   He takes a breath and enjoys the warm water around him, easing all the tension out of his thoroughly worked muscles.  

"And I’ll be fine, just a bit more than I’m used to.  You didn’t hurt me love."   He floats closer to where Wayne has settled.  "Well, not a bad kind of hurt."  He grins up at his lover bashfully.  

Not quite, but I try. [Unlike normal, he says that without the least amount of humbleness or modesty.]

[Wayne leans in and presses a firm kiss to Harrison’s mouth, keeping one hand underneath his mate so that he doesn’t accidentally sink the guy while doing so. When he draws back, he gives Harrison a broad grin.] Believe me. I understand completely. Just remember how many times I’ve asked you to take me hard and fast or with very little prep. How many times you’ve worked me over so much that I needed salve so that I’d actually be able to put on my supersuit the next day.

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Katsushika Hokusai (1760 - 1849) Kitsune and the trap


Katsushika Hokusai (1760 - 1849)
Kitsune and the trap

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Bruce shrieked, this time actually hit with force and unable to get himself free easily. Who was tha - ?

His mouth fell open once he recognized Metro Man and Bruce froze in place, looking up at his childhood hero while forgetting how to breathe.

"… Wayne" he simply said. "Hey" he said in a monotone voice, trying his best to stay casual, his tone a just bit higher than normal. 

- and to make it even more embarassing, 50 flapping bats appeared, answering his distress call. Wonderful. Bruce facepalmed mentally.

[Wayne’s entire relaxed demeanor is gone in an instant. Suddenly his opinion of Zagam isn’t so good.] He took half of your soul and you still think that Zagam is someone worth allying yourself with? Are you insane? He took half of your soul, which just proves that he doesn’t see you as his equal, you will likely end up protecting him, but he won’t protect you the same way.

"It really doesn’t! He’d been weak… sick of sorts - he needed that. If there had been a way around it, he hadn’t done it. And he helped me, too, on more than one occasion" Bruce went on. "If he meant me any harm, he had his chance … and wouldn’t take it. So." 

Bruce would not move an inch from his conviction that this demon could be trusted. Tense again, he stood up straight - a wasted effort since Wayne was way taller than the batman anyway - but still, he wouldn’t give in.

[Shaking his head, he just can’t see why Bruce would trust someone like that. It just seems too dangerous to him. Too foolish. But the other man doesn’t seem to see that or, at least, believes that the good of the situation out weighs the bad.] If he’s helped you, I’d like to here those stories, because what you’ve said so far has not helped my point of view.